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About NigMat Wooden Wendy’s

Our Commitment to Our clients

We have committed ourselves to providing high quality work to our clients. Our team is highly experienced individuals who have passion for the work they do. We perform our work diligently, professionally and with precision.

Though based in Pretoria, Our Clientele comes from all 9 provinces in the country, there is no place to far or to remote for our services.

Our Mission

To provide quality products that will give our clients peace of mind. Not only good products but also build relationships with our clients through our friendly and professional service

Our Vision

Our vision is to be leading wood product manufacturers in the SADEC area, dealing with products such a Wendy’s, leisure wood furniture, wood ornaments etc.

Our Values

We always strive to provide the best service to our ability’s, Our Wendy’s are affordable and we don’t compromise on quality of our products.

Hey there! Are you looking for Wendy? Look no further

Contact us now to find your Wendy and get the help you need!
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